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Health Insurance Providers Taking Steps to Prioritize Mental Health Care

The Confess Project of America (TCPA), a national not-for-profit organization, and AmeriHealth Caritas Georgia, are teaming up to help combat mental illness in Georgia communities. As part of the collaboration, AmeriHealth Caritas is donating $25,000 to boost a TCPA mental health initiative. The organization’s support of TCPA will support program expansion in rural areas and provide mental health training programs for barbers to become mental health advocates in their communities.

CareSource and Safe Families for Children, an organization that helps prevent children from going into foster care, have announced the relaunch of Safe Families for Children in Georgia. A $200,000 donation from CareSource expands the Safe Families for Children model through the addition of “health care friends” who will serve as mentors to help Georgia parents, foster parents, and relative caregivers navigate Medicaid resources, health care options, and assistance programs, as well as provide support and care for children in need. The goal of the program is to become a long-term mentoring resource to support vulnerable families and prevent children from having to enter the foster care system.

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